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Wedding Ceremony hosted by Ni Lin

Feature: Comedy star Wang Rugang, and hostess of Date on Saturday, Ni Lin, is hosting a wedding ceremony
Dear distinguished friends:
Welcome to visit website of Shanghai Classical Hotel!

Shanghai Classical Hotel was founded in 1875. In the past over one hundred years, with the support of people of noble aspirations, Shanghai Classical Hotel made todays achievement, becoming a worthy Rongshun Hall, signed by Emperor Qianlong.

Shanghai Classical Hotel is a hotel with a complete service of accommodation, catering, entertainment and business. It not only inherit the real essence of the dishes of Shanghai regional cooking styles but provides dishes of other styles as well. It has enjoyed the fame of Source of Shanghai Cooking Style. Meanwhile, it is also a reflection of Shanghai in modern history, a melting pot of Shanghai culture, a window to the world and a perfect combination of nationalization and modernization.

The acknowledge from society encouraged the staff in front of difficulties. The fame Shanghai Classical Hotel enjoys is spreading to the corners of the world. Inconsistent with the idea of cuisine culture, Shanghai Classical Hotel will try its best to bring its every visitor a cultural enjoyment with its sincere service.

We are thankful to our every friend who cares about and support the development of Shanghai Classical Hotel. We sincerely hope our considerable service can bring every visitor an unforgettable time.

Pork with preserved beancurd

Feature: without starchy sauce, by taking advantage of the ingredients, sauces and heat control, the dish is cooked bright in color, sweet and delicious in taste.

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